The International Workshop on Biosensors and Bioanalytical Microtechniques for Environmental, Food and Clinical Analyses (BBMEC) has evolved since its inception in 1994 from a mainly European-based biosensor conference to a truly international world-wide known gathering of our premier biosensor researchers. It ranks among the most important biosensor conferences world-wide. Researches from over 20 countries and typically all major regions of the world including the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe gather here. In general the conference is designed with single sessions, held for 2.5 days and targets participation of about 150 researchers to provide good bases for in-depth discussions and networking similar to Gordon Conferences.  

BBMEC started in 1994 in Paris organized by Marie-Claire Hennion. It was held three times in North America (Las Vegas in 1998, Ithaca in 2001 and Montreal in 2009) and once in India (in 2007). Its associated organization is the International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry (IAEAC):

Historical Snapshot of location and chairs of BBMEC conferences
Year Location Chair
1994 Paris, France Marie-Claire Hennion
1996 Lund, Sweden Jenny Emneus, Lo Gorton
1998 Las Vegas, NV, USA Jeannette van Emon
1999 Mao, Menorca, Spain Damian Barcelo
2001 Ithaca, NY, USA Antje J. Baeumner, Richard Durst
2004 Rome, Italy Roberto Pilloton
2006 Kusadasi, Turkey Azmi Telefoncu, Dieter Klockow
2007 Goa, India Sunil Bhand, Roberto Pilloton
2009 Montreal, Canada Jean-Francois Masson, Kevin Wilkinson
2011 Weimar, Germany Karl-Heinz Feller
2015 Regensburg, Germany Antje J. Bäumner

The goal for the 2015 conference is to further develop the successful BBMEC series and implement valuable features from other conferences in order to further increase the conference’s quality and attractiveness. The 11th BBMEC features thus include:

  • Many Invited and Keynote lectures by renowned researchers
    • Increases impact on the presentation of cutting-edge ideas
  • Discussion of unpublished data is mandatory
    • Increases the importance and urgency of data provided
    • Increases the need and desire of lively discussions with audience
  • Increasing the prominence and importance of the poster session
    • Enables all attendees to prominently discuss their research
    • Best posters will be selected for prizes
  • pre-conference graduate student/postdoc symposium is organized
    • Similar to the Graduate Research Seminar (GRS) series of Gordon conferences
    • Enables many young scientists to give oral presentations and discuss among their peers