Close to the 11 BBMEC conference, a Task Group Meeting is organized related to the IUPAC project #2011-047-1-500 entitled “Recent advances in bioanalytical chemistry: characterization and classification - Revision of the Orange Book Chapter 11” (Task Group chairman, Professor Jan Labuda, Slovakia, ). The objective of this Analytical Chemistry Division project is to bring in terms of concepts and definitions a characterization and classification as well as related methodology of new fields of bioanalytical chemistry such as genomics, proteomics and others and to provide analytical, biochemical, and biomedical communities with critical evaluation on this topic.

The meeting is prepared on Sunday 27 September, 2015 in the Chemistry building. The Task Group members and contributors to the Orange Book Chapter are looking forward to meet other colleagues and to fruitful discussion. Contact for more information:, +421-904-174117.
Jan Labuda, Project Task Group chairman