The University of Regensburg is a modern Campus-University situated at the southeast edge of the old historic town of Regensburg.

It is a modern research-oriented university founded in 1962 and includes 11 faculties with more than 100 study courses on Bachelor, Master, and PhD level. About 20.000 students study at the University of Regensburg including about 1400 international students. The University Hospital, founded in 1992, is available for teaching and research purposes of the medical faculty of the University of Regensburg, and ranks at the top of university clinics in Germany.

The University actively participates in a large number of international partnerships. Within the framework of the ERASMUS program, the university has exchange links with more than 200 European institutions. In addition, there are direct exchange programs with more than 45 universities overseas, in the USA, Asia, Latin America, Africa and Australia. Each year, the university welcomes around 200 foreign scholars and more than 400 exchange students from all over the world.

The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy has 21 professors (16 in chemistry, 5 in pharmacy). According to the German Science Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) publication from 2012, Natural Sciences ranked #2 in all of Germany when normalized to the number of professors. Natural Sciences rank as #1 in Germany with respect to Alexander-von-Humboldt Fellows. Students can study in the certified programs for the Bachelor and Master of Science in Chemistry, they can study for a Master of Science in Medicinal Chemistry, and in the International Master in Soft Matter and Master in Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis (in English).

The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy is exceptionally strong in research and connected through international programs throughout Europe and worldwide. 

Source: University of Regensburg, Academic Administration Division II\2.